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Maintaining Environmental Balance

In this day and age, the impact of environmental regulations on organizations is growing. Businesses today are under increased pressure to ensure compliance to these standards.

Amlab conducts a diverse variety of environmental-related tests, of which the end applications span across many domains. This includes determining land reclamation sand composition, conducting environment baseline studies for soil, monitoring potable water quality, and waste management of trade effluents from factories.

These environmental cornerstones and more come together to form the world around us. Leverage on our expertise to ensure that your environmental management performance is not compromised, and our surroundings are kept clean and safe.

Urbanization & Development

As progressive cities grow in tandem with the economy, urbanization continually transforms these cities. Environmental testing for construction and land reclamation activities provide important information on the suitability and stability of the foundation of these projects.

For example, sand testing sheds light on whether the metals in filling material for land reclamation is within allowable limits. Soil testing enables environment baseline studies to be conducted, ensuring that the soil has not been contaminated by any previous activities.

With these important information and test results, informed decisions and responsible plans can be made. Amlab is dedicated to supporting companies throughout all stages of their project: From project initiation and planning, to quality control during construction and land reclamation.

Industrial Infrastructure & Our Ecosystem

While developing and enhancing our environment is important, maintaining our environmental landscape is as well. Government agencies and statutory boards set quality standards and limits for various constituents of our ecosystem — cooling tower water, potable water, and trade effluent, to name a few.

Regular testing of potable water to stringent standards ensures the good health of the population. Water testing of cooling tower water assists in detecting serious problems like corrosion, scaling, and biofouling. Trade effluent from factories are also required to be within stipulated discharge limits before they are discharged into public sewers.

Our Customers

Our clientele is varied, including but not limited to:

  • Government agencies and statutory boards
  • Manufacturing factories from light and heavy industries
  • Construction firms
  • Businesses dealing with water filtration systems
  • Wastewater treatment vendors
  • Waste management service providers
  • Environmental consultancy firms
  • Soil investigation or soil remediation companies


As part of the Accreditation Scheme for Laboratories, SAC-SINGLAS has accredited Amlab for the field of Environmental Testing: Certificate No. LA-2006-0343-F, since January 2006.

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