Core Competencies

Amlab’s professional expertise extends to a myriad of analytical testing services across multiple industries. Our extensive experience enables us to navigate the complex frameworks in each domain, delivering comprehensive and reliable results on time, every time.

We understand the importance of adhering to global standards and achieving regulatory compliance to our valued customers. Our laboratory is operated by eminently qualified and experienced professionals. By adopting advanced technology and using top-notch equipment, we give our customers access to accurate, fast and reliable analytical data.

Put your trust in us to support your business every step of the way. Click on the options below to discover what Amlab can do for you:

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Food Testing

Amlab’s food testing capabilities covers both organic and inorganic tests— from microbial examination to metals/heavy metals testing, as well as nutrition testing.

Our accredited testing methodologies enable us to test a variety of samples in-house: raw/processed food, beverages, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and pharmaceuticals.

The scope of our tests encompass food hygiene and nutrition, both of which are important pillars in the F&B industry.

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Water Quality Testing

Our full suite of equipment and globally recognized/international test methods equip us to provide you with the comprehensive results that you need.

We conduct rigorous and thorough testing of various types of water samples, from potable water to trade effluent, to ground water and swimming pool water.

Depending on application requirements, we are able to identify and quantify physical indicators, inorganic and organic constituents, metals and heavy metals, VOCs and SVOCs, and various bacteria species.

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Hazardous Substance & RoHS Testing

The challenge that responsible retailers, importers and manufacturers consistently face are the environmental and safety concerns of their products.

As increased emphasis is being placed on compliance with directives and regulations, these businesses risk losing their competitive advantage should these strict standards not be adhered to.

Top-tier customers trust us to conduct cost-effective hazardous substance and RoHS tests, delivering reliable results with quick turnaround time.

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Soil, Sand, Sludge & Ash Testing

We take pride in the precision and accuracy of the tests we conduct to support the construction and environmental industries. Our detailed analysis and testing of soil and sand samples enable leading businesses to determine key geotechnical properties and check for land contamination. In the same vein, for environmental waste like ash and sludge, the appropriate classifications can be made.

From physical to chemical tests, including but not limited to testing for metals, heavy metals, VOCs and SVOCs, we’ve got you covered.

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Micro Contamination Testing

Amlab’s wealth of experience in micro contamination testing helps businesses refine their products and processes for enhanced reliability and quality.

Especially with the miniaturization of products and the rise of high-precision engineered products, testing for micro-level particulates becomes increasingly important.

Our testing portfolio covers corrosion, particle, ionic and organic contamination for consumables, equipment, incoming materials and finished products.

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Failure Analysis

Investigating and determining the root causes of failure provides valuable insights on what went wrong. This enables businesses to take measures to prevent problems from reoccurring.

Amlab has mastered the techniques required to conduct failure analysis and damage forensics on samples from a wide range of industries and end applications.

Our equipment can perform detailed analyses of surface structure, cross section surface and elemental composition to your exacting specifications.