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Food & Beverage

Achieving Excellence Throughout the Value Chain

Amlab is dedicated to supporting responsible businesses in meeting their customers’ expectations. The test methods we use are certified to FDA and ISO standards. Our unsurpassed expertise in this market excels in various parts of the Food & Beverage value chain:

  • Production, manufacturing and processing
  • Distribution and transportation
  • Retail and hospitality

From product traceability and monitoring manufacturing processes, to determining shelf lives and keeping food cleanliness in check, our comprehensive tests have got you covered.

The Quest for Nutritional Information

Modern-day consumers are not only curious, but also increasingly discerning. Nutritional labels for food, beverages and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products enable consumers to better understand what they are ingesting.

In this competitive industry, successful businesses are the ones that can furnish consumers with the information they demand. We understand and acknowledge this, moving swiftly with the times to enable our valued customers in their quest for better documentation and reliable labelling of nutritional information.

Attaining the Highest Hygiene Standards

The hygiene of ingestible products is also, undoubtedly, crucial. Food-borne bacteria and pathogens cause illnesses, and the presence of heavy metals in TCM, pharmaceuticals and food and beverages beyond permissible toxicology limits are detrimental to one’s health.

It is imperative that businesses consistently deliver high-quality products that are safe for consumption to build and uphold their reputation. This is not only critical at the point of delivery or sale to the consumer, but throughout the manufacturing, processing, storage and transportation stages of the supply chain as well.

Our Customers

Our clientele spans across various sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Retail and hospitality – Restaurants, food stalls, hotels
  • Food trading services – Importers and exporters
  • Food production – Manufacturing and processing plants, breeders of livestock and poultry
  • Pharmacology – TCM and pharmaceuticals

Looking to the Future

As a forward-thinking commercial laboratory, Amlab constantly innovates to be at the forefront of market trends. Future areas of development for testing in the F&B market include:

  • Chemical tests for preservatives, vitamins, enzymes and pesticides
  • Food contact materials migration tests for food packaging
  • Mycotoxin testing


As part of the Accreditation Scheme for Laboratories, SAC-SINGLAS has accredited Amlab for the field of Chemical and Biological Testing: Certificate No. LA-2005-0335-A, since September 2005.

Our ILAC MRA endorsed reports are internationally recognized.

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